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A warm welcome to Breathe + Release Pilates Studio, a relaxed space to feel comfortable, enjoy a whole body workout and achieve your movement/fitness goals with expertise led support.


I use individually tailored movement sequences, specialised Pilates equipment and a mindful approach. Build dynamic strength, be present within yourself, and connect deeply with your body to achieve peace of body and mind, freedom from aches and pains, renewed vitality, and power. 


Don’t feel intimidated by the equipment, get excited. I’m here to take you through in simple steps on how to use the equipment to ensure you feel confident.

Reformer Pilates at Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted

The Pilates reformer assists you and gives you vital feedback. It is an amazing piece of apparatus that helps find length and space in the body. This piece of apparatus helps create internal pressure to elongate the spine, joints and muscles. Expect to work on your flexibility, strength, stamina and enjoy a more balanced posture.


It can be used as part of an equipment combination or solo for a more dynamic and targeted workout. Two top elite Balanced Body Allegro 2 reformers available for use. Work out in a duet solely on the reformer which can be energising, fun and invigorating.


The Trapeze Table is an incredible tool in a rehabilitative context. It could be considered the ultimate Pilates apparatus. There are many reasons professional athletes and A-list celebrities work out using this equipment. Whether it’s to improve sports performance, function in everyday activities or get out of long-term pain.

Trapeze Table at Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted
Pilates Chair at Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted

Not just for sitting or standing, this piece of equipment is not only amazing at supporting  bone alignment and strengthening of the feet, ankles, knees, hips and legs but also wonderfully versatile for spine extension and shoulder organisation strength. It has so many benefits but my personal favourite is supporting spine articulation and extension to open up the front line of the body.


We spend so much of our time in forward flexion, these amazing pieces of apparatus are the ultimate antidote to that by fully supporting you in creating space in your spine. Having 3 different shaped arcs enables us to match the perfect shape to your spine, creating space  it so often craves. 

Ladder Barrel at Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted
Breathwork at Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted

Breath work or to me Breath play is instrumental to our wellness. Joseph Pilates also thought breath was vitally important. I love to play with the breath to help facilitate movement, create a calmness or even energise. It’s a powerful tool that you always have with you and can turn to at any moment in time. I include many breathing techniques/strategies within your movement session that you can easily access for daily life to alleviate anxiety, feel confident, gain calm, create more focus or even help you drift off to sleep.


I invented all these machines... it resists your movements in just the right way so those inner muscles really have to work against it. That way you can concentrate on movement. You must always do it slowly and smoothly. Then your whole body is in it." - Joseph Pilates


Thankful words from clients

I have spent the last year learning Pilates with Ainsley. It has transformed my physical wellbeing, strength and even my tennis! I can honestly say, at 68 years of age, that I feel as good as I did at 30, when I was climbing mountains every weekend.


Matwork Pilates, Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted
Matwork Pilates, Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted

The Mat is an important piece of equipment accessible to all, any time and any place. I include 1-2 mat moves within your equipment session to enable you to practise away from the studio and build your own self practise to support and accelerate your progress. You will build up a personal library of moves tailored specifically for your body.


Matwork group classes have a personalised approach in small friendly group classes at external local venues available in evenings, daytime and at weekends.


Available in a 6 week course or in a 10 session block. Each can be attended continuously as they evolve and progress as you do. I teach the people in the class on the day and it’s always different, fresh and creative to keep you challenged.

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