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Ainsley, Founder of Breathe + Release Pilates, Bearsted

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The studio


Oastside, 5 The Oasts, The Green, Bearsted, ME14 4EB


6am – 7pm, weekdays, Saturday mornings enquire directly


Thankful words from clients

"All Of My Pain Has Gone!! I am 49 and have always been fit and strong. Unfortunately, at the end of 2021 I began to suffer with continual pain from my ankles to my lower back, which was debilitating and my physical ability drastically reduced so much so that I couldn’t walk more than a few hundred metres without suffering. “Go to Pilates” my wife told me, so I did. I began Pilates with “Breath + Release Pilates” in November this year. Ainsley gave me a thorough assessment of my body’s range of motion and movement capability, she immediately put me at ease, and described how Pilates was going to help me.  
The Pilates machines are like nothing I had seen or used before, no weights anywhere only springs, and on my first training session I thought, ‘’I won’t get a work out from these machines without any weights”. How wrong I was! Pilates has helped me to understand how my body and muscles move. Every session is different, using the Pilates machines to exercise specific body parts to strengthen and stretch. It’s a whole-body workout for sure. I am stronger and more flexible and I love it! Pilates is the way forward.
I have now completed only 8 sessions and ALL OF MY PAIN HAS GONE!!!! Ainsley is a motivational, kind, considerate and knowledgeable trainer. Throughout each session she analyses my body movements and prescribes specific exercises to ensure that the goals of the session and my long-term goals are achieved. I have learnt so much and can’t thank Ainsley enough.
And did I mention….“All of my pain has gone’’!!!!!! 


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