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Gain strength & freedom from pain with expertise led Pilates sessions Bearsted Green, Kent


Pilates sessions tailored for your unique body’s needs, supporting injury/illness rehabilitation, postural alignment, strength and fitness goals

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Teaching Pilates on the reformer at Breathe + Release

Looking to alleviate your backache, tight shoulders and neck, or overcome general aches and pains? Perhaps you want to balance the many hours sitting and want to enjoy the benefits of more mobility? Is overall strength and full body wellness your goal? Do you yearn to have a body that you recognise and are proud of? You are absolutely in the right place.


I’m a certified Polestar comprehensive equipment instructor and movement coach, combining biomechanics/biology and the latest research based methods and proven movement strategies, to support you in achieving your goals.


Working out, supported by me, is a full movement discovery and a whole body workout in a relaxed, fun and friendly space.


Move more. Fear less


Together we explore movement to discover how you could move in a more optimal way. You will learn new movement patterns that will enable your body to flow more freely with less pain, more strength and improved posture. Pilates will give you a smarter way to move and enable you to reclaim confidence in your body while in a fully supported, safe space with expert guidance.

Teaching Pilates on the chair at Breathe + Release
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Thankful words from clients

“Ainsley took a really calm, professional and empathetic approach when dealing with my 16 year old son’s complicated back issues which were causing him to live with permanent back-ache. She offered unyielding support and created a creative set of exercises to suit his needs and one’s he could work on effectively at home. He made amazing progress - even allowing him back into certain sports, of which he had not been able to participate prior to our sessions for over a year. I highly recommend seeing Ainsley.

Fiona & Harry

Strong bones, body & mind

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