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Breathe + Release Pilates was born out of the desire and passion to create a friendly private space where people could lose themselves in Pilates for a slice of time in their day and achieve their movement goals.

Teaching Pilates on the reformer at Breathe + Release

Your goals become my goals. They are a key element of why we are moving and how the sessions are focused ensuring you move with intention, not just moving for movings sake. Ensuring you get the results you want.


I purposefully work with a limited number of clients making you my sole focus. We move with intention as I know how precious you and your time is.


I’m here to help support you, to enable you to explore Pilates in a fully supported space, with guided expertise for you to discover and enjoy all of its many benefits whilst achieving the best fitness you can in your life.


I had missed this feeling of how good life could feel. I want to share this practise to help others feel their best and thrive no matter their health challenges, obstacles or age.


Hi there, I’m Ainsley.

Comprehensive Pilates Instructor + Movement Coach


Pilates has enabled me to get back to living the life I want to lead with less pain, more mobility, strength, positivity, energy and confidence. I’m in my 40’s and Pilates took my mind set from ‘Is this it now?’ to ‘What’s next?’


My own health challenges including healing from endometriosis, multiple abdominal surgeries, lower back pain, low mood and exhaustion, motivated me to explore my own fitness and movement habits. 


For many years I commuted to London working in a high-pressure, fast paced design industry and I’m familiar with the pressures of daily stress, family and time constraints. 


I’ve created a new movement space and groups to support you in achieving your goals and make it simple for you. It’s the solution that I wanted to the regular gyms with inconveniently timed busy cardio classes that left me feeling more aged and depleted of energy with little understanding of what I was doing.

Ainsley, Breathe + Release Founder


Works with movers globally


Thankful words from clients

"Ainsley teaches you to feel a sense of connection with your body and it’s potential that can then be applied to everyday movement which enhances you overall well being. Pilates makes me feel stronger, like my body is more aligned, I actually feel taller after being taught by Ainsley. I feel so grateful to have found a teacher that is so knowledgeable and patient.


Teaching at Breathe + Release Pilates

Learn to move your body smarter.


Pilates is whole body movement that supports whole body health. It takes a holistic approach, taking care of your whole being.


It’s a mindful dynamic movement practise that immeasurably improves postural ease and skeletal alignment, congruence of joint health that supports the natural designs of the body. It restores fluidity, flexibility and movement freedom through mobility, strength and stretch, co-ordination, circulation, balance combined with a mental work out reconnecting you to your body with energising results.


Named after its creator Joseph Pilates, it is a series of moves that helps facilitate and support functional movement. You become ‘fit for life’ to enable you to live your life the way you want to live it. 


The repertoire of moves can be performed on a mat and apparatus equipment comprised of the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chair, Ladder Barrel, Spine Corrector. All can be used to both assist and result whilst supporting your movement. With my expertise I can support you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals with this power positive movement practise. Don’t be concerned about the equipment or the how, I’m here to show you how with ease and confidence.


In short, the question should be Why not Pilates?

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